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Double ribbon blenders carbon steel
140 cu-ft 325 cu-ft 675 cu-ft

125 cu-ft V-Blender All stainless Steel

Littleford Mixer model FKM4200 Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel Ribbon Blender with Jacket
Total cap. 450 cu-ft / Working cap. 385 cu-ft
Complete with cover and 25hp electric motor / gear drive
12'2" long 6'0" wide 6'3" deep
Center bottom outlet 8"
Sprocket chain drive

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender - N A B 707
Total cap. 350 cu-ft / Working cap. 270 cu-ft
with Carbon Steel Jacket; 100 psi @ 600f
12'2" long 5'2" wide 5'8" deep
Complete with cover and 25hp electric motor and gear drive; Center bottom outlet 8"
Double sprocket chain drive

Henchell 500L.
High Intensive Powder Mixer

P-Kelly Double Cone Mixer
744 cubic

Unitized 100cu. Stainless Steel Double Ribbon
gear reducer; 25hp motor; side bottom outlet

Paterson-Kelly V-Blender
20 cubic
Also have 100 cubic

Littleford Mixer
FKM1200; Stainless

Sprout Waldron 500 cu-ft double ribbon blender carbon steel


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